Lockdown Takeaway Menu

(V) Vegetarian (VE) Vegan (N) Nuts (GL) Gluten (D) Dairy

Sides & Appetisers £4.50

Marinated Olives (VE) – Flat Bread with Olive and Parmesan (V) (D)

Garlic Oil OR Chilli Oil Flat Bread (VE) – Beetroot Hummus & Flatbread (VE)

Pomegranate & Roast Pistachio topped Hummus with Flatbread (VE) (N)

Hand Cut Skin on Chips (GL) – Sweet Potato Fries (GL)


Vegetable Tajine – Butternut Squash, Chickpeas & Aubergine in a smoked Aubergine Tomato Sauce

with Pilaf Rice or Couscous (VE) £12.50

Chicken Tajine – With Almond Sauce, Pilaf Rice or Couscous (N) £13.50

Lamb and Beef Tajine – Lamb Beef mixed meatballs and Crumbled Feta in a Aromatic Tomato Sauce

with Pilaf Rice or Couscous (D) £14.50

Chicharrones – Crispy Pork Belly & Apricots in a Spiced Honey Glaze, Apple Cabbage,

Chorizo & Manchego Cheese Croquette with a San Miguel Reduction (GL) (D) £14.50


All of our Burgers are served with Hand Cut Skin On Chips. Ask about our Gluten Free Buns.

The BBQ Mushroom Burger – Pulled BBQ King Oyster Mushroom (VE) (GL) £10.00

The Three Bean Burger – Kidney, Cannellini & Bortoli Bean Burger topped with Hummus & Harissa (VE) (GL) £10.00

The Fish Burger – Breaded Fish Burger & Tartar Sauce (GL) £10.00

The Chicken Burger – Breaded Buttermilk Chicken Fillet & Lemon Aioli (GL) £10.00

The Chicharron Burger – Spiced Honey Glazed Crispy Pork Belly & Apricot Burger (GL) £10.00

The Beef Burger – Topped with Apple Wood Smoked Cheddar Cheese & Caramelised Onions (GL) (D) £10.00

The Cordero Burger – Topped with Chorizo, Caramelised Onions & Romesco Aioli (GL) (N) £10.00


Linguine De Verduras – Mushroom & Aubergine in a White Wine, Chilli, Garlic & Cherry Tomato Sauce (GL) (VE)

Or (V) (D) With optional Parmesan £12.00

Linguine De Mar – King Prawn, Squid & Mussel in a White Wine, Chilli, Garlic & Cherry Tomato Sauce (GL) £14.50

Paella De Verduras – Roasted Squash, Pepper, Chickpea, Artichoke, Mushroom & Spinach (VE) £12.50

Paella De Pescado – King Prawn, Squid, Mussel & White Fish £14.50

Paella De Carne – Chicken & Chorizo £13.50

Paella Mixta – Chicken, Chorizo, King Prawn, Squid, Mussel & White Fish £16.00


All of our Desserts are served with either Caramel Sauce or Chantilly Cream.

Just specify which you would like!

Baklava £6.80

Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.50

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