Sunday Roast

While You Wait

Delicious Options to choose from while you’re waiting!

 Marinated Olives (V, VG, DF, GF) 

Garlic Oil Ciabatta (V, VG, DF)

Chilli Oil Ciabatta (V, VG, DF) 

Beetroot Hummus & Bread (V, VG, DF) 

Basil & Chilli Hummus & Bread (V, VG, DF)

Pomegranate & Roast Pistachio topped Hummus & Bread (V, VG, DF, N)

Gluten Free Bread Available

Spanish Toasted Almonds (VG, V, N, GF)

 (VG) Vegan / (V) Vegetarian / (N) Contains Nuts / (GF) Gluten Free / (DF) Dairy Free


Sunday Roast

Served with Seasonal Mixed Vegetables, Stuffing Balls, Cauliflower Cheese, Yorkshire Pudding & Roast Potatoes!

Lamb Shank Roast

Pork Belly Roast

Beef Roast

Chicken Roast

Vegan Nut Roast 

Vegetarian Roast

Small Roast Dinners available for Under 12’s & Senior Citizens :

Beef, Chicken, Pork, Vegetarian and Vegan.








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