While You Wait

Delicious Options to choose from while you’re waiting!

 Marinated Olives (V, VG, DF, GF) 

Garlic Oil Ciabatta (V, VG, DF)

Chilli Oil Ciabatta (V, VG, DF) 

Beetroot Hummus & Bread (V, VG, DF) 

Basil & Chilli Hummus & Bread (V, VG, DF)

Pomegranate & Roast Pistachio topped Hummus & Bread (V, VG, DF, N)

Gluten Free Bread Available

Spanish Toasted Almonds (VG, V, N, GF)

 (VG) Vegan / (V) Vegetarian / (N) Contains Nuts / (GF) Gluten Free / (DF) Dairy Free



Ask For Bread to come with your Tapas!


Crispy Pork Belly, glazed with Honey, Cumin, Chilli & Apricot (GF)

Queso De Cabra

Goats Cheese in Honey & Orange Blossom, Roasted Beetroot & Aged Balsamic (V)

Croquetas De Bacalao

Cod Croquettes, Garlic Saffron Aioli

Patatas Bravas

With Saffron & Garlic Aioli (VG, V, DF)

Gambas Ajillo

Prawns cooked in Garlic & Oil (DF, GF) 

Cazuela De Garbanzos

Chickpea & Chorizo Casserole (DF, GF)


Onions, Peppers, Potatoes & Egg, Garnish & Romesco Sauce (V, GF, N) 

Gambas Al Coco

Bread & Coconut crumbed Crispy Tiger Prawns, Honey Orange Chilli Drizzle (DF)


Chickpea, Basil, Sun Dried Tomato & Cheese Falafels, Carrot Puree, Cucumber & Mint Yoghurt (VG, DF, GF)


Baked Green Lipped Mussels in Marinara Sauce, Parmesan & Pesto Crust (N)

Pimientos Padron

Blistered Padron Peppers with Sea Salt (V,VG, DF, GF)


Tiger Prawns & Chorizo in Chilli, Garlic & Cherry Tomatoes (DF, GF)

Esparragos Envueltos

Mozzarella wrapped Asparagus & Serrano (GF)

Coliflor Asado

Roasted Cauliflower, Garlic Tahini Sauce, Pomegranate (V, VG, N, DF, GF)


Deep Fried Squid Rings & Tentacles, with Garlic Lemon Aioli (DF)

Berenjena Relleno

Aubergine Stuffed with Ricotta, Spinach & Pine Nuts, in Aromatic Tomato Sauce, topped with Mozzarella & Parmesan (N, V, VG on Request)

Pinchos De Pollo

Chicken Skewers with Cucumber, Mint & Pomegranate Yoghurt (GF, DF)

Papas Arrugadas

Salty Wrinkled Potatoes with Mojo Rojo & Verde (V, VG, DF ,GF) 


Maple Roasted Carrots, with Yoghurt, Cucumber & Mint, topped with Pomegranate & Pistachios (V, VG, N)

Croquetas De Pollos

Chicken & Leek Croquettes, Garlic Lemon Aioli


Halloumi & Courgette with Pesto Drizzle (V, N)


Meatballs of Lamb & Beef, aromatic Tomato Sauce

Champinones Al Ajillo

Sliced Button Mushrooms cooked in Garlic & Oil (VG, V, DF, GF)

Pera Y Serrano 

Grilled Pear, crispy Serrano & crumbled Feta (GF)



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