While You Wait

Delicious Options to choose from while you’re waiting!


Aceitunas: House Marinated Olives (VG)

Almendras: Almonds toasted in Sea Salt & Smoked Paprika (VG) (N)

Pan De Ajo O Chile: Garlic Bread (VG) or Chilli Bread (VG)

Hummus Y Pan: Hummus & Bread

– Choose between – Pomegranate & Pistachio (N, DF), Crumbled Feta & Pine Nuts (V, N) Beetroot (V, DF)

 (VG) Vegan / (V) Vegetarian / (N) Contains Nuts / (GF) Gluten Free / (DF) Dairy Free


Vegan Tapas & Vegetarian Tapas


Pimientos Padron: Blistered Padron Peppers with Sea Salt (GF, VG)

Zanahorias, Chirivias Y Lentejas: Harissa Roasted Carrot and Parnsip on a Puy Lentil Cazuela topped with Yoghurt & Pistachios (N, GF, VG)

Falafels: Chickpeas, Basil, Sun-dried Tomato & Vegan Cheese Falafels, Carrot Puree, Cucumber & Mint Yoghurt (DF, VG)

Champinones Y Espinaca: Mushrooms & Spinach Sauteed in Garlic & Chilli (GF, VG)

Calabaza, Feta Y Granada: Roasted Butternut Squash, Baked Feta & Pomegranate (V, Vegan Feta Option)

Papas Arrugadas: Salty Wrinkled Potatoes with Red & Green Sauce (GF, VG)

Patatas Bravas: With Saffron & Garlic Aioli (VG)

Higos Taleggio: Taleggio Cheese Stuffed Figs with Honey & Pistachio (N, GF, V)

Halloumi: Halloumi & Courgette with Pesto Drizzle (N, GF, V)

Ravioli De Berenjena: Aubergine Ravioli Stuffed with Ricotta (GF, V)

Queso De Cabra: Goats Cheese in Honey & Orange with Roasted Beetroot, Aged Balsamic Glaze (V)


Seafood Tapas


Calamares: Deep Fried Squid Rings & Tenticles with Garlic & Lemon Aioli (DF)

Gambas Y Chorizo: Prawns, Chorizo & Cherry Tomatoes (DF, GF)

Gambas Al Coco: Bread & Coconut Crumbed Crispy Tiger Prawns with a Honey, Orange & Chilli Dip (DF)


Meat Tapas


Pinchos De Pollo: Chicken Skewers with Cucumber, Mint & Pomegranate Yoghurt (GF, DF)

Croqueta De Pollo: Chicken Croquettes with Garlic & Lemon Aioli

Albondigas: Meatballs of Lamb & Beef in a Aromatic Tomato Sauce (GF, DF)

Chicharrones: Crispy Pork Belly, Glazed in Honey, Cumin, Chilli & Apricots (GF)

Merguez A La Parrilla: Grilled Lamb & Beef Spicy Sausage on a Puy Lentil Cazuela with Crumbled Feta

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